Project management processes

Posted November 11, 2016

Project management processes

Planning is carried out in the early stages of a project but there should be ongoing monitoring to ensure the project remains on budget and schedule; that resources are available and the expected benefits can be delivered. Estimates, deadlines and milestones may need to be altered as the project progresses.

No project is without problems but the project manager needs to control them so they do not adversely affect the end result. The control phase also deals with risk management.

Good communication is one of the most important factors affecting project success. Many problems can be avoided if there is open, honest communication between everyone involved on a project; written and verbal, formal and informal.

People management
A project manager is responsible for managing the individuals working on the project as well as the tasks and risks. In complex projects there may be segregated levels of people management but every project manager will have some responsibility for individuals. That includes motivating people, delivering constructive feedback etc.