Virtual Workplace

Posted February 23, 2017

Have you ever dreamt about a virtual workspace? Yes, it’s going to become our future.

Just as you discuss any project sitting in a meeting room, you can also do the same in a virtual workspace, as it’s not like traditional systems allowing users to only bring up one piece of content for review at a time. The virtual workspace lets users access, edit and annotate all the data at the same time, regardless of device or geographical location.

The future of workspace

The Virtual Workplace is a software that combines applications, content, the web and video conferencing for enhanced collaborative experiences that can be shared simultaneously by many locations. The solution allows to store and organize content into cloud-based visual workspaces enabling persistent access and increased productivity for global and remote teams.

The Visual Workplace solution enables the user in a meeting to share and upload content from anywhere with a use of any device. It can be multiple contents side-by-side and allows members to work on it seamlessly. In addition to that, they can take snapshots at any point of time and can send it on an email or can leave it as it is and log-off. The solution offers content persistence, so a user working today on a document can log off and resume after a week where he or she left it and signed out.

Source: PCQ