Semester Projects

TruGeek offers Semester projects for B.Tech. & MCA students in the areas of latest programming languages, database programming, mobile technologies as per Industry needs.

To offer the students real time exposure and experience in software development platform, which reinforces programming concepts, assess programming skills and creative thinking. Students are given a software development kit, which contains all the software, Project Synopsis, Illustration and problem at hand. Candidate has to compile and come out with the accurate code to address the problem at hand.

The Solution/application is evaluated on

  • Code Accuracy – Does your solution give the expected result? How close is it to the accurate solution? Evaluation of code happens on how accurate the code is.
  • Compliance with Standards – Your code is expected to follow commonly accepted coding conventions and standards. The less the number of deviations the more compliant your code.
  • Code Efficiency – Is your solution the most optimal solution possible? Coding Efficiency is currently loosely approximated to the number of lines of code.

Major and Mini Projects

  • In Association with reputed IT company,TruGeek designs specific Mini or Major projects specific to industry requirement.
  • During Project, the complete overview of Software Development Cycle will be explained.
  • Project Management team will be created within student groups to execute the project life cycle.
  • Overview and demonstration of Mini or Live project will be given to students along with technology training.
  • Student will be working in IT environment in order to get the experience of Project Management Life cycle.
  • Assistance in project documentation.
  • Certificate of completion from reputed IT company.
  • Student may be selected as Software Engineer Trainee in a Global IT Service company for 3 months after successful completion of Interview process.



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